Tips On Getting Your Trip Insured

Tips On Getting Your Trip Insured

Getting your trip insured is one of the things people either don’t consider at all, or don’t consider properly when planning a trip. This is at times a grave mistake, as these insurance plans can cover financial losses that will otherwise have to be compensated for by your own pocket. As such, getting a travelling insurance plan is always a safe choice – especially when you have a lot of advance and pre-paid payments. When choosing a suitable insurance scheme, the following pointers are good points to focus on:

• What does your portable insurance cover?

Travel Insurance plans for trips are rarely single deals – they usually come as packages which include a number of insurances needed when off on a trip, such as medical, cancellation/interruption, baggage and evacuation insurances. There are even insurance plans which cover all these insurances, and naturally, their prices are quite hefty. Consider buying a traveling insurance plans that suits the destination and duration of your trip – by this you will be able to identify what insurances you might not need. For example, evacuation insurances become necessary only when you fly to desolate destinations; similarly, if you are going to practice extreme or winter sports, you will need an additional scheme covering you for those activities.

• Which package do you need?

Insurance plans for travelling come as annual, multiple trips, or on per-trip basis. Per-trip basis means that only your current trip will be insured; multiple trips will cover a specified number of trips per a given time period; and lastly, annual travel insurance Hong Kong online will cover an indefinite number of trips within the year. Consider how often you tend to go on trips when choosing a package – for example, a businessman will go with an annual package.

• What about your credit card insurance, homeowners’ insurance, medical insurance and other insurance plans?

Travelling-related insurance is covered not only by special travelling insurance plans – it is also covered to limited extents by your credit card insurance (as long as you use your credit card to make payments for your trip), medical insurance and homeowners’ insurance. Know which parts are already covered by the insurance plans you already own, so that you can cut expenses on them and leave them out of travelling insurance schemes.

• What family members are covered?

Another point of special importance is what the insurance company defines as family members. Make sure to read the fine print which defines the meaning of a family member in the context of your insurance plan – otherwise, you will find out that a distant relative is actually not covered by your insurance scheme later on. On the same topic, it is also helpful to know that some insurance schemes tend to charge very less, or even be free, in the context of children (as long as you pay for an adult).

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