Reinventing Retirement.

Reinventing Retirement.

The road to retirement, is mundanely considered to be one of the lifelong struggles of any individual. However the level of fear for their financial wellbeing, once they reach retirement stage seems to be elevating as generations growfurther and further apart, since the great depression. Retirement has gone from being something was once feared and worried about, to something that is rather looked forward to.

The baby boomers now a days are preparingto reap the full benefits of the growing economy. And as the dark clouds of the financial recession, is seeming to pass by, they are inventing new ways to enjoy retirement. From 67 from 2010, the average age of a worker retiring age has dropped to 65 by 2016. And this number is declining at a faster rate that it has ever before. The escape from the corporate grip is a much appealing thought to the worker today than it has ever been before. Retirement is no longer seen as a time to simply play monopoly or chess in a park all day. Instead they look forward to travel the world, See things they have always wanted to see, and some feeling more adventurous would travel around the world and chose to call different countries home, taking in what each of those countries have to offer. Visit 

As a result, it is not surprising to see many ofthe current day employees making many investments and financial planning for the sake of their golden years. The globalization and the fast developing technology, has allowed anyone, to access any business, from anywhere in the world. This has allowed the capability to not just manipulate; but also to grow the financial resources that are presently available to them with just a few clicks. Almost all of the baby boomers expect to work in some capacity. Even if it’s on casual, or part time basis, even after they retire. They mostly see retirement as a way of changing careers, and starting a whole new venture which they would find exciting and refreshing. And the increase in online platforms that allow to work from home, has provided many of the retirees with lucrative ways of earning money. However, for a retiree who’s looking forward to depend on the investments made, while travelling the world, it is most likely that they would need help managing their funds and making future decisions. For an example an Australian living in Germany for a certain time period, may want his or hers investments made in Australia looked after and secured. Thankfully as a response to the market demand by such retirees, firms that help and facilitate Australian expat financial planning now exist, These services are not just in Australia, nor is it just for Australians, but around the world for everyone. 

In a world that surrounds us with lucrative opportunities to make money, despite the time and age; retirement is something that people should not only not fear, but also something that they should be excited for, some may even advise to plan to retire at a much earlier than thought and to travel the world. These luxuries that seemed like just a dream a few decades back are now more realistic than ever. Given that the employee makes the right decisions now.

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