4 Reasons Why Your Bank Loan Was Denied

4 Reasons Why Your Bank Loan Was Denied

You’ve been to the bank a million times and every different bankk refused to give you a loan to build your house. This can leave you puzzled and wondering where you went wrong. This is when you start contacting agencies and pulling out your financial records to wonder why you never got the loan. In reality we all know how picky the man behind the desk gets when you even mention the word loan to them. It’s always difficult to receive a loan that matches your criteria. You must be dying of curiosity to know why your personal loan was denied despite reasoning and arguments with the manager. Here are 5 reason that could be your main fall.

Bad records and score

Your loan has a direct relationship with the kind of spender that you are. If you’re someone who grits their teeth and saves the money while shopping, you have a good chance of getting a loan. But if you’re someone who carelessly spends every cent in the bank, then there’s a good chance that you will not be given any loan. If you’re meaning to help have a clean record, you can always go for a proper credit repair Australia. These companies help people who have due debts and black marks in their records. They can help you have a clean record in order to obtain a loan.

Incomes and expenses

Another reason you would have received many no’s is because your income statement is not in good books. The bank needs to know if you are able to pay back the loan along within the given dates. But if your income is low or your expenses are more than your income, your bank will hesitate before providing you with the loan criteria that you’ve wanted. If you cannot document other sources of income then the bank will definitely reject your loan application.

No proper documentation

Your bank has requested deeds or documents to asses’ property values or to check your financial statements for two years. But if you’re stumbling around looking for missing papers then you’re in trouble. Banks want transparent information that you have a stable income to provide you with their loan.

You’re drowning in debt

Student loans, van loans and mortgage loans are still to be paid while you keep asking for another loan. Recent loans or previous unpaid loans can make your bank feel uneasy about giving you extra loan. This is why you need to clear off your residing debt before you ask for more. Fix credit rating companies can help you fix a monthly settlement payment for your debt and clear off the black marks in your records the next time you would request for a loan.

This is why you need to have a documentation and receipt of all bill payment and statements of you income up to date. The next time you go to the bank and find your application rejected, you will know what to do, assess your income and properties and clear out the black marks in your record, you will be able to easily receive your bank loan.

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